Message From the Chairman


Esteemed Shareholders and Clients,

With immense pleasure I deem it my privilege to welcome you all, my colleagues and our most valued shareholders to the re-launching of our new, integrated Web site.

International Resorts Company KSC has written golden records in the annals of The Kuwait Real Estate Development & Management history as a major contributor both locally and regionally. And I feel extremely proud to mention that it’s you, our invaluable shareholders who made it a reality.

The new millennium has added new feathers to our throne of success. Our Technical Expertise and Financial Management teams have achieved enviable success through their relentless efforts. And we have succeeded in wading through the muddy waters of the recession in 2008. It needs mention that their high qualifications and keen professional experience have raised our company to the peak levels in investments and financial management.

Our commitment to our shareholders is in full swing; for it is through them that we are what we are today. Hence perennial efforts are always on to ascertain consistent growth, improved profitability and cash management resulting in creditable returns on their investments. We capitalize on good assets with lower risks while maintaining balance and diversity at every step.

Our policies and strategy are client-oriented so as to keep an affordable ratio between the internal and external resources of the company. This in turn is reflected in strong financial indicators at both levels. So, as a matter of policy we support self-financing and try to reduce debt ratios to a minimum level on the backdrop of a strong asset base and adhere to financial and operational adequacy.

We are well aware of our commitments to our partners, shareholders and the society we live in. So we stick to the unfailing principles of accountability, transparency and social responsibility. Various Committees have been appointed by the Board of Directors to monitor the concerned policies and standards.

Before I conclude I should thank you from the depth of my being for your strong support hitherto and steadily onward as well with renewed confidence in us. In return, let me assure you that we shall continue to traverse together the path of glory and carry our success saga forward to further heights.

Peace and blessings to all from the Mighty One above
Khaled Ali Mohammed Al Attal