Data of the Company

Company name International Resorts Company (k.s.c.c.)
Date Created 10/02/1976
Date of insertion in the market 13/12/2004
Address Kuwait City – Trading Area No.(9) – Souk Al-Safat Bld – First Floor – P.O.Box 4800 Safat 13048 Kuwait.
P.O.Box 4800 Safat 13048 Kuwait
Tel 22446704/8
Fax 22443349
The number of local branches 0
The number of foreign branches 0
Company objectives
  • Acquiring, selling and purchasing real estate properties and lands and developing same in favour of the company inside and outside the State of Kuwait, in addition to managing others’ properties in such a way that does not violate the provisions stipulated in the existing laws and what has been prohibited by these laws such as trading in the private residence plots as stated in these laws.
  • Acquiring, selling and purchasing shares and bonds of the real estate companies only in favour of the company inside and outside Kuwait.
  • Preparing studies and providing consultations in all kinds of real estate fields, provided the required terms and conditions are met by those who offer this service.
  • Acquisition and management and rental of hotels, health clubs and touristic facilities.
  • Doing maintenance works related to the buildings and properties owned by the company and others, including maintenance works and carrying out civil, mechanical and electrical works, elevators and air conditioning works in such a way that maintains buildings and their safety.
  • Managing, operating, investing, renting and sub-renting, hotels, clubs, motels, guest houses, rest areas, parks gardens, exhibitions, restaurants, cafeterias, and housing complexes whether for pleasures or sports and other shops at all levels.
  • Organizing real estate exhibitions for the company’s real estate projects in accordance with the regulations applied in the Ministry.
  • Organizing real estate tenders.
  • Acquisition and management of commercial and residential complexes.
  • Using the financial surpluses available with the company by investing same in financial portfolios managed by specialized companies and entities.
  • Share-based payment for company staff.
  • Establishing and management real estate funds (after getting the approval from Central Bank of Kuwait).
  • Contributing directly to set out the basic structure of the residential, commercial and industrial areas and projects by “Building, Operation & Transfer” (BOT) system and managing the real estate utilities by BOT system.
Authorized capital 15,448,210.000 KD
Issued capital 15,448,210.000 KD
Paid-in capital 15,448,210.000 KD
Par value per share 100 Fils
Number of issued shares 154,482,100 shares
Number of treasury stocks
Number of outstanding shares 154,482,100 shares