Our Vision

Through relentless hard work and innovative explorations as in the past we envision  a pioneering position second to none in real estate,  in investments and other diversified operations in the region.

Our Mission

While we strive perennially to besiege new horizons our ultimate mission rests on the welfare of the society and the nation we live in. And our mission is just the same wherever we operate.

Our Board of Directors and the Executive Management team co-ordinate to synthesize the changing trends in the market to ensure maximum profitability in all its operations. Diversifying the company strategy to tackle every new upsurge in the market, they strive to create the best working environment for all employees. This phenomenon reflects in steadily increasing the volume of their output to generate sustained growth for the company as well as better and higher returns to our clients reducing risk factors to a bear minimum.

Our ultimate mission is the welfare of the nation or society where we operate by improving, and innovating our products and high quality services in the best interests of the company, our clients, and through them the society we live and survive.


Our Core Values

Exploration– We are in constant motion towards exploring new possibilities, new trends so as to cater to the interests and benefits of all participants comprising the company, the employees, the clients, the vendors, our partners and many more.

Integrity– From inception in 1976 till date we have strictly adhered to this inevitable principle. We maintain business ethics and are committed to observing them.

Tradition– IRC was founded on highly esteemed standards, norms and culture we shall never quit, neither change. Our rich traditions define our history.

Talent– Our employees constitute an integral segment of our entire operations. We insist on actuating their creativity by providing assistance to the extent they need.

Allegiance– We are deeply committed to the society and the country we thrive in.

 Our Objectives

Our operations are manifold and multi-faceted to fully exploit all available resources for our benefit as well as the benefit of our partners and the entire clientele. Hence our objectives are as follows:

  • Buy and sell real estate properties in  and outside Kuwait
  • Collaborate with other companies in doing the same on request
  • Establish and operate trade and investment.
  • Let and sub-let clubs, hotels, restaurants and motels, resorts and Residential complexes, public places like stadiums and gardens
  • Event management like exhibitions
  • Trading in the market in stocks and bonds for ourselves and for others in Kuwait and abroad
  • Create and manage investment funds for real estate
  • Conduct objective studies and consultations to assist other companies
  • Carry out implementation and maintenance of all types of works such as civil, mechanical, electrical for buildings for self and for third parties
  • Exploit the financial surpluses generated through all such works  for the per favour of the company and all  its associates.